A Breakthrough, A Move & Momentum

8:00 Service
Minister Charlene Douglas

I have heard your deep cries of intercession and prayers for your families, city, and nation. I hear the voice of My called out ones and I am giving you back everything the enemy has stolen.  I am giving you strategies to remove every hindrance and blockade that the enemy is trying to SET UP!  I am giving you your voice in this nation. Arise now in me and speak from the seat of authority that I have already given you. The reason for the unrest and the chaos is because the enemy fears you and he is now on the run.
My shift in this house has caused a breakthrough, a move and momentum that shall increase in the coming days . Many shall hear from miles around and they will come to see just what I am doing here in this place. Some will just want to sit just to bathe in My presence.  For these are days when no one will lay hands on you, but because of My manifest presence will bring healings, miracles, signs and wonders. I am positioning some moving you around. You may find yourself in places that you never dreamed, but because I placed you there you will fit like the missing  piece to the puzzle. So be flexible and be like clay in the Potter’s hands.
I am lengthening your cords and enlarging your capacity to receive more from me.
Remember love covers a multitude of sin, and your faith works by love. You must love in this hour like never before.