Apostle Alton R. Williams conceived the vision of a Christian sisterhood in 2015. He saw the need for connection among Christian women that would encourage a lasting bond while pursuing the Heavenly Father. He wanted to promote involvement in the church’s vision to Love God, Embrace Others, and Touch Destiny.  Aspiration motivates people to commit to the spiritual growth process. To that end, the goal was to create a way to inspire women to be discipled and receive ministry, deliverance, mentorship, and fellowship.

In April 2017, he commissioned and partnered with his wife Elder Sherrilyn Williams to establish a charter group of women who would lay the foundation for this Christian sisterhood. On Sunday, April 30, 2017, Adelphe So-Royalty was born with 21 women who received the pastor’s vision and committed to sisterhood.

Adelphe is a derivative of the secular Greek sorority system used to offer the women a structural process. The So-Royalty promotes Christian biblical values that will establish and enhance women’s spiritual growth.  Apostle Williams researched the meaning of the terms sister and sisterhood in the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek. The Greek word for sister is Adelphe (pronounced Ah-del-fee).  Apostle Williams initially attempted to parallel the Adelphe name with Greek letters. Yet, the Holy Spirit led him to remove them and create a new godly concept of sisterhood.  Instead of using the secular Greek term “sorority,” he sought a word that would better reflect Christian women created in the image of God. Christian women are royalty and queens in God’s kingdom. All believers are a part of the Lord’s royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). Like Esther, they walk in the Spirit with crowns on their head.

Adelphe So-Royalty is an instrument of sisterhood to connect the women of the church and beyond so they can share their hearts, struggles, past hurts, and pains and find healing. Women will be encouraged to win other women to Christ, disciple them, receive deliverance if needed, pray for other women, find purpose, and participate in group life, outreach and community service through Adelphe.  Adelphe So-Royalty offers purpose for women of all ages and stages in the church. There are four sisterhood divisions: Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, and Grandmothers.  Adelphe So-Royalty looks forward to potentially establishing chapters in churches, workplaces, homes, and college campuses. College women in particular need a sense of belonging on campus because they may feel that they do not fit in secular Greek society.  Our hope is that Adelphe will meet this need and gather young Christian women on campus.  May the women of Adelphe go forth in destiny, proclaim the Word of the Lord, and tell women that they are loosed and released to walk in purpose.