Arise Now

11:00 Service
Elder Emma Boone

I am pouring out My spirit of praise upon My people. Don’t just sit back and be a spectator. Let your praise be a weapon for your enemy. Do you not know that I have given you all the gifts that you need to fight? What are you waiting for? I’m I not the GOD of the Breakthrough? Stop asking Me to do the things that I have given you the power to do. Use your Spiritual Muscles.  Get up off your seats. STOP being comfortable and Get Involved;  Put Your

Hands To Work. Mouth service is no longer tolerated. I have heard your excuses,time-out. No more passes!!!

My Church has been lazy and asleep. I say Arise,Arise,Arise Church!!! The alarm is awakening you now.  Get up and Go to work for My kingdom!!!