Introduction: Get to Know Your Bible Doctrine
Lesson 1: Can the Bible Be Trusted?
Lesson 2: Please Help Me Understand God
Lesson 3: Is Jesus Truly God?
Lesson 4: Do I Have the Holy Spirit?
Lesson 5: Do Christians Worship Three (3) Gods?
Lesson 6: Understanding Man (His Creation and Sin)
Lesson 7: How Do I Get Saved? Part 1
Lesson 8: How Do I Get Saved? Part 2
Lesson 9: Can I Ever Lose My Salvation?
Lesson 10: Is Jesus the Only Way to God
Lesson 11: Death, Afterlife, Future Events, and the End Times
Lesson 12: We Have an Enemy – Doctrine of Satan
Appendix 1: What the Cults/False Religions Teach About Jesus Christ
Appendix 2: Comparing Religions