Cancer Care Ministry Group
Time: Bi-weekly, first and third Saturday of each 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.
Hub: Healing and Health
Hosts: Phyllis Frederick, Nina Booker, Jacqueline Wilkins, Margaret Morris, Verna Hardaway
Location: In-person
Participants: Men/Women (all ages)

We aim to provide encouragement, education, empowerment, resources, prayer, and hope on the topic of cancer. We will explore what cancer is, some of its causes, as well as various treatments. We will provide emotional and spiritual support as we build relationships with one another. We will help participants cope & respond to the devastating effects that a cancer diagnosis can cause in one’s life. Participants will be strengthened as God sheds light on the darkness of the unknown that cancer often brings. One can expect a well -rounded, holistic approach to an understanding of cancer.