Come Out From Amongst Them

June 9, 2022
Elder Carolyn Jones

My people there are many of you who are still holding on to those things and people that I have told you to let go of. For these things and people cannot fill or satisfy the longing in your heart that I Myself have put there only for Me. So I say come out from amongst them and be separated from them and let me separate you unto Myself and into your calling. Because where I desire to take you your old ways of doing things and old desires and your old friends cannot go. So come out from amongst them and die to this world’s way of doing things. Remember you are in this world but not of it.  So let me lead you into the way that I will have you to go and I will replace those old things and old desires and old friends with new things, new Godly desires and new friends, as I am doing a new thing in your life. It’s time to come out of hiding and allow Me to purge and stretch your heart to receive what I am expanding on the inside of you with My refiners fire, so I can place my Glory in you and on you so that you will shine like Moses did when he came out from My presence out from the burning bush. And the world will see My authentic Glory carriers bringing forth the Power and Demonstrations of My Kingdom.