Happy New Year to our 2022 Donors! Apostle Williams and World Overcomers Church appreciate your continued commitment in contributing to World Overcomers. Your donations enables the understanding of the Word of God to continue to spread and reach numerous individuals all over the world.

Please follow the instructions below to help ensure we process your request in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Please submit ONLY ONE (1) request while being sure to choose on your request:
    • your preference of mail, email or pickup
    • whether you need your UFL statement along with your WOOMC statement
  • Please be aware of the following:
    • Submitting more than one request delays our ability to process your request timely.
    • If you’ve submitted a request at the church, please do not submit another request online.
    • Check your spam or junk email if not in your inbox once your form is processed.
  • Once you complete the online form, please be sure to check how you would prefer receiving your statement,—via pickup, email or mail.
    • For those requesting statement(s) to be mailed or emailed, they will be processed after Tuesday, January 31, 2023.
    • For those electing pick up at the church, the pickup location will be a designated area in WOOMC’s main lobby after services beginning Sunday, February 5, 2023 and each Sunday, thereafter through April 15, 2023 or whatever designated deadline date that’s established by IRS.
  • If your request form is submitted after 12 noon January 31, 2023, please allow at least 48–72 hours for processing, mailing, emailing, or printing statements for you to pick up, depending on your chosen preference.
  • If requesting to pickup on a weekday, it will be by APPOINTMENT only. Please contact our Membership Office at (901) 473-3022 to set an appointment day and time.
    • Pickups with appointments can only be done on Sundays and only if a request form has been previously submitted.
  • Request forms will NOT be available after the IRS deadline to file 2022 income tax. You will need to call WOOMC Finance Department at (901) 844- 3000 thereafter for assistance.
  • You may contact our CFO, Elder Linda Turner, at (901) 844-3810 with any further questions or concerns.