Jan. 8, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson 

Be All In with Me this year and see the acceleration of miracles, signs and wonders all around you. Expect to see them when you are All in!  When you are All in, you have made the commitment to put Me first. Being All in is total commitment.  It is now a way you have decided to walk and flow in.   When you are All in, then I am All in with you.   Victory is yours.   All in means you will say yes to Me even when you may not understand and do not see the road ahead.   In this place you will go in boldly to the territories and places I send you believing the path way is cleared even though in the natural it does not look clear.  I have set clear and direct paths before you.  Yes, you will encounter the enemy and you will see the enemy there, but keep your eyes on the path and the destiny. Being all in, allows you to willing and excitedly join My team and be apart of My rescue mission for the lost.  You will go into enemy territory and bring out many captives.  Yes, you will hear the noise and voices saying this is not a good path, but keep stepping where I lead you to step.  Keep moving out.  Each step of obedience propels you to the next steps to take.  I have gone before you. Follow the promptings of My spirit. My plans are perfect and will prevail. Many breakthroughs are there for those who are All in.  The season for breakthrough after breakthrough is now in all areas.  Red Sea crossings are here.   You name the obstacle and I say breakthrough is here for those who will be All in.  Prepare yourself to receive the blessings that flow from Being All In.  Share with others the joy of Being All in.  There is no limit. There is no lack. Overflow and more than enough are the norm.