The Destiny Institute classes are:

Perfecting School – Mondays (12 weeks)

The Perfecting School is designed to help the believer build a spiritual foundation through the Word of God in order to avoid the deception of the enemy and learn how to know God.  This exciting class will give every believer the tools to stand and succeed in today’s world.

Personal Finance – Mondays (8 weeks)

Personal Finance will equip believers with both spiritual and practical principles to overcome their financial difficulties and minister those principles to others.

Personal Ministry – Thursdays (5 weeks)

Personal Ministry  empowers its members to fulfill the Great Commission: to witness for Christ, to help believers receive the Holy Spirit, to pray the prayer of faith, to minister healing, to cast out demons and to walk in biblical authority.

Ministry Training – Thursdays (6 weeks)

You will train to be a minister of the Gospel.  You will learn qualifications for ministry, how to know if you are called, how to preach a sermon, etc.