The WOOMC Destiny Kidz Children’s Ministry proudly presentsThe Destiny Mall, a new learning concept that offers many activities and games that will enhance learning.

At the conclusion of the joint worship time, kids will disburse to Destiny Mall stores to learn
biblical hands on concepts. Each store will focus on the lesson of the day during the store time activity and appeal to the children’s different learning styles and abilities. Stores will focus on topics chosen by our senior pastor Apostle Alton R. Williams that children should learn to transform them into strong Christian leaders. The mall stores are as follows:

  1. All-a-BOARD Game Shop offers board games.
  2. Noah’s Rainbow Color Store appeals to children who love coloring.
  3. The Potter’s House Shop contains arts and crafts.
  4. God’s Armor Store features clothing that children can use to act out biblical characters.
  5. The a-MAZE-ing Grace Shop allows children to solve puzzles and mazes.
  6. The Praiseercise Store allows children to exercise and praise dance to praise exercise videos. They can also perform prophetic dance.
  7. The Wise Men Gift RAP Store welcomes children to write their own Christian rap based on the lesson and perform it on camera (with parental permission).
  8. The Jesus Name Game Store provides children an opportunity to compete in playing Christian and/or non-occult, nonviolent video games.
  9. Bible Character Hall of Fame Store invites children to watch DVDs of animated Bible character stories on TV.
  10. Samson’s Laptop Store offers games, activities, and laptops for children to do research.
  11. David’s Harp Music Store will appeal to children who are musically inclined. They will be challenged to write songs, sing, and play instruments.
  12. Apostle Paul’s Preacher’s Shop challenges children to develop sermons or speeches and share them with their group.
  13. The Bible Writer’s Store welcomes children to write Bible stories and biblical essays about their favorite Bible characters and receive rewards.
  14. The Resurrection Reading Room invites children to establish a book club and receive points for reading Bible books and stories.
  15. The Tutorial Room offers children tutoring in areas that are challenging for them at school.
  16. Bible Discovery allows children to take a journey through the 66 books of the Bible. Children will learn all the books of the Bible by memory.

Different stores will be open when we move to a new theme. Children will experience hands-on activities so they will always remember the Biblical concepts they learn.

NOTE: Stores and their activity content are subject to change as needed and according to availability of teachers and volunteers.