Diamond Maker Online Instructions

On behalf of our pastor, Apostle Alton R. Williams, we would like to welcome you to the WOOMC Discipleship Experience!

  1. To begin the process, if you have not already viewed Apostle Williams’ intro video to discipleship in its entirety, watch it now
  2. Find out what it means to be a Diamond Maker HERE. View the entire Diamond Makers Discipleship Manual HERE.
  3. Visit the Diamond Makers Registration Page HERE to sign up and determine the level of your choice.
    • Complete Lessons 1-8 and their quizzes to receive a WOOMC online membership certificate.
    • Complete Lessons 1-16, the lesson homework, and all quizzes to become a WOOMC Diamond Maker. This qualifies you to disciple others.
  4. You can listen and follow along with Apostle Williams during each lesson. You also have the choice of reading on your own and answering each question without following the video. Once completed, scroll down below and complete all the quiz questions. Then proceed to the next lesson.
  5. The WOOMC Diamond Makers Ministry operates on the honor system. We believe everyone who participates in the discipleship program will honor the Lord in honesty & integrity by completing all question requirements. Please read each page of the chapter and attempt to answer the quizzes. If you need help to answer any questions, refer back to the chapter above the quiz.
  1. There is an Appendix at the end of all lessons that includes biblical resources that will support your spiritual growth. For questions or more information, please contact our Diamond Makers Office at 901-844-3833.