In light of widespread concerns regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering members and believers everywhere, the opportunity to stay connected and worship through our WOOMC Digital Church. Our desire is to provide every aspect of our Sunday worship service and beyond right here online. As the videos premiere, we invite you to comment and share or you can choose to connect with our group chat to continue in fellowship with others! Whatever you choose, we are happy to have you here!
This Easter, you’re in for a treat! Apostle Williams will be ministering a special online message entitled “How Jesus Suffered From the Coronavirus,” and we’ll also have an opportunity for communion. You and your family are welcome to join in. Feel free to use communion elements, if you have them, or you can simply use grape juice and unsalted crackers.

The message of the Gospel never changes, but methods do. We believe that the church must go to where the people are today. If the world is online, then the church must be as well. The Great Commission commands us to go into all the world to take the gospel, and this is one way that we can do that. See you online this Sunday, April 12th!