Embrace the Shift

March 13, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Embrace the shift with excitement and exuberance because My moves of change deserve such a response from you. I do new, exciting and effective things. I am inviting you to be trend setters and trailblazers. You will be used to effectuate change where you are planted. I am charging you to be open and encourage those along your paths and teach and train them how to live victoriously. I

am releasing creative ideas and strategies for you to reach out in the market places. Thinking outside the box will become natural for you as you continue in this vein of intense and passionate worship. You are getting My attention. During your times of consecration and worship expect download after download. Expect Me to speak to you on a regular basis bringing clarity. Your quick obedience is required. Do not analyze. Just obey. You will not understand all the actions I ask you to take which will at times be novel and outside the box. Just do them with great expectation. Do not be afraid to step out into the deep and dark waters where many souls are crying out for Me.

You are to reach those of all nationalities and creeds. It is about My kingdom. Show them the way to Me. The harvest is ripe and waiting for you to lead them to Me. I am not speaking of just one harvest. There will be many harvests to come because one harvest will be the catalyst for the next one. The cycle will keep on going as there are many to bring in and then send them out to gather more. What an Exciting Time it is!