Flow With Me

11:00 Service
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

The atmosphere you have created and are creating is causing a shift in this house.  Do not hold back.  Worship with reckless abandonment as if your life depends on it.  It does. Let your worship  flow and meet up with My River that is flowing in My fullness in this house. As My River flows through I am sweeping up in the current all foreign and toxic matters and sanctifying  you afresh at the same time.  Purification and sanctification are here. Fresh deposits of My Goodness is in My River. Take from My River freely. When you join in My flow you receive everything that I Am.  You will operate on full and reap the benefits of a full flow.  Full flow benefits are like nothing you have seen before.  Rearrangements and realignments have set the stage for the breakthroughs that have been held up.   Breakthroughs in every area are on the horizon. No area is off limits. Get Ready for the suddenlies.  Full flow accelerates the miraculous and releases My creativity to flow through you.  Step out in this flow and take the giant leaps of faith to bring the impossible into reality.    I am jump starting miracles that have been in waiting for sometime. Suddenly is the new release time that many of you will experience.  Get Ready for quick and continuous releases.   Do not settle for half full or anything less than  totally full.  My River is flowing freely and bringing restorative life to all that join with its flow.  Synchronize with the flow of My River and do not resist the current flow.  Jump in Now and Stay there!  What you need is in My River so Jump

On In and Flow With Me!