Get in Synch With Me

June 11,2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Get in synch and aligned with Me and My flow. I have been patient with you in your procrastinating and stalling to accept and move out in what I have told you. Play time is over. It is time to choose who you are going to really serve. Commit to who you are going to serve and follow your choice.  You cannot have two masters.  Divided loyalty is no loyalty.  Look at yourselves.  Examine your ways and your desires.  For where I desire to lead you it is critical that you get in synch with Me on your serving, your giving and all of your living. I will not force you to do anything. It is your choice.  Souls are at stake and hanging in the balance. Do you not know that?  They are all around you waiting on My sons and My daughters to arise and lead them to Me.  I put healing in your hands.  I have given you other gifts to carry throughout your walks of life to demonstrate My kingdom is at hand and My love for mankind. Make your choice. Time is running.