February 5, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Get out the boat.  It is safe out here with Me.  Do not fear and over analyze what I have asked you to do and where I have told you to go.  I am asking you to trust and obey Me. I know you are comfortable where you are but it is time to change course.  That comfort period was your time of preparation for the next leg of the journey.   Pull that dream I gave you off the shelf and believe it again and step out in it.  Yes, you can do what I called you to do.  Getting out the boat requires your total dependence on Me and using what I gave you. You have been given much and much is required of you. Wake up! No more doubt, just move out! The strategy for moving out has been given to you.  You asked Me for it and I gave it to you. What are you waiting on?   Come walk on the water with Me. We will walk on top of the waves and  the adverse winds will not overtake you.   The waves will cease to roar as you walk with Me.  Just keep your eyes on Me.  At times we will walk slowly, then skip some and run at times. Just follow My pace.   It is water walking time!