In a world where everyone is attempting to define their identity and manhood, why not look to God who designed men to really answer your questions. Join Apostle Williams in his new series entitled GOD – BLACK MEN – RACE & THE BIBLE that will tackle the tough questions. He’ll answer questions on…


    1. The Black Man’s Presence in the Bible
    2. God’s Love and Purpose for the Black Man
    3. What is Black Liberation Theology?
    4. Satan’s Reason for Attacking the Black Race
    5. The Power of Division and Separation
    6. Did the White Man Use the Bible Against the Black Man?
    7. Satan Keeps Us in a Carnal World and Mind About Race
    8. God’s Color of Love
    9. Knowing Your Covenant Overcomes the Race Issue
    10. Knowing Who You Are in Christ the Race Issue
    11. Black Mind to a Christ Mind
    12. Understanding the Black Man’s Beginnings
    13. The Consequences of Hatred
    14. What the Bible Says About Hatred, Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination, and Segregation
    15. How God Used Slavery to Redeem the Black Man
    16. Racial Reconciliation
    17. Generational Curses in the Black Race
    18. Was Jesus Black or White?
    19. Are Black People Victims?
    20. What Does the Bible Say About Social Justice?
    21. Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Biblical?
    22. Racism and the Spirit World
    23. How Mindsets Can Control Our Lives
    24. Where Does Black Oppression Come From?
    25. Why Can’t Black People Get Justice?
    26. How Jesus Handled Racism (Judas Wanted Jesus to Buck the System)
    27. The Breakdown of the Family in the Hood
    28. What is African Spirituality?
    29. Is Islam the Best Religion for the Black Man?
    30. How the Bible Deals With Welfare and Poverty
    31. What Was God’s Design for America?
    32. Is Deuteronomy 28 the Story of the Black Man’s Curse? and much more…