Group Life reaches people with the life-giving message of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.

The vision of group life is to raise up people who know, worship, and obey God according to the Scriptures. Empowerment Small Groups, Houses of Peace & Prayer Groups promote healthy relationships, and this prepares people to minister & disciple others. The divisions are the Men, Women, Married Couples and Young Adults.

3 Things Groups Provide:


3 Ways To Embrace Others:

Empowerment Small Groups                                                   

Special interest small group system allows leaders to turn their existing relationships, gifts, interests, passions and hobbies in disciple-making ESGs. The free-market concept incorpates any life-giving activity for discipling others.

Houses of  Peace                                                                                                                                                                                            

Houses of Peace are an extension our church located throughout the city & beyond. HOP’s help spread the Good News of the Gospel outside of the four walls of the church. These groups touch the lives of those around them who may never come to church. This is a family atmosphere where you can bring your friends, neighbors, co-workers to be saved & discipled.
Prayer Groups                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Prayer Groups are for people that want to connect with other believers who are praying, need help in dealing with personal issues and desiring to learn how to pray. If that’s you, we welcome you to join our Prayer Groups and experience a atmosphere to receive the spirit of prayer.  

Benefits of Group Life:

Ministering To A Few

  • You grow spiritually and find expression for your gifts.
  • Find new friendships and relationships.
  • Find your specific assignment, purpose, calling and destiny.
  • You are equipped to have confidence to minister.
  • You are trained for ministry and leadership.
  • You reach your fullest potential and become all God wants you to be.
  • You are fulfilled as souls are saved and lives are transformed and restored.
  • You become apart of Jesus GREAT COMMISSION.
  • Receive heavenly rewards for doing Christ’s work.

Group Members


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