Feb. 22, 2022
Bro. Ronnie Davis

It is Time to Grow Up and Come Out from among them.

You are not of this world. I am your God. You came from Me. You are seated with ME in heavenly places; therefore you are like me, and can do what my son, Jesus, has done. It is time for you to truly carry the torch. Take up your cross and follow me. I have your back. I will take care of everything that concerns you. When you take care of my Kingdom, I take care of your affairs and concerns in life.

Things are changing. Your life is changing. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? I’m moving you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From the natural to the supernatural. Soon you will not be the same as you are right now. You will not be able to recognize yourself from what you were in the past. I am moving and rearranging. I am changing mindsets and thought patterns. Radical movements, radical changes and radical blessings are on the horizon.