March 26, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Where is your hope?

Circumstances are not to cause you to lose hope or become faint. Your hope is inside. I am inside you . Draw from the inside to bring Me outside face to face with the things that seem out of order and are out of order. There is much out of order. But know that I am not intimidated by the much that you see and hear.  Remember what I  say comes to pass.  My word cannot and will not fail.  Speak My word in faith and continue to do so and you will witness change in great proportion.  I am listening to what you say with your mouth as well as listening to what your heart is saying. When they are in synch with My word, things begin to change for the better because hope has been activated by your believe in My word.  Speak to the crisis and calamities and watch things begin to straighten out because the armies of heaven are released.  There is always hope in Me. Hold fast to it at all times. Hope in Me is the anchor that will keep you afloat.  You will not be put to shame when you hope in Me. I hear the voices you hear attempting to bring you despair,  do not agree with them.  Say it loudly and proudly that your hope is in Me.