Feb. 8, 2022
Elder Carolyn Jones

My people I have gone before you to break through every barrier, limitation, and roadblock that the enemy has set before you, because I am the God of the Breakthrough. I’m building up your spirit man to withstand the enemy in these evil days.  I am in covenant  with you and My covenant I will not break nor will I alter the things that have gone forth out of My mouth concerning you. I have not forgotten you; I see what you are going through and I have not left you. The enemy wants you to think that I have forgotten about you, but I have not! So guard your mind and your thoughts and cast down every high  thing that does not exalt Me and that does not bring peace. Guard your ear gates and your eye gates because the enemy wants you to focus on what he is doing to get you off balance. But I say focus on Me.  Look at Me. Listen to Me. Because the enemy thinks that he has won. But he has not! He is a defeated foe and I have given you the victory through My Son The Lord Jesus Christ. You have not seen my power in its fullness. The same power  and authority that I gave My Son give I unto you to destroy the works of the devil. So put on your armor and began to fight with My Word and your faith in Me and all Heaven with back you up. I will fight against those who fight against you.  I will contend with those who contend with you and strive with those who strive with you and cause your enemies to scatter. I will restore what he has stolen. I will make all things new. I will do a new thing that no eye has seen before nor any ear has heard of before. And the earth will marvel at the works of My hand and I will be Glorified and Exalted in the Earth for all men to see that there is no God like Me, Jehovah.