Jan. 26, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

I hear you loud and clear!  I have been waiting to hear this sound coming up to Me. The sound  is sweet and dear to Me  because you are now focused exclusively on Me and that is special to Me.  This has been a very special time for those who have given Me the best of your time and worship. You have sacrificed and I have seen them and I have released blessings and will continue to release blessings.  Yes, I desire to meet your needs you have brought up to me at this time and meet your needs I will.  Actually you will receive more than you have asked of Me.

Get your buckets ready for the deluge and overflow.  Suddenlies have already been seen by many of you.   There is much more to come.
I ask you to continue to place Me first.  Many of you have seen the greatest benefit of seeking Me first and that is receiving Me. Continue in this vein and as you have sensed and felt I will come to You. You have found yourselves standing in awe of My presence and finding you are at a loss for words.  That is a good thing because it is then in the quietness and stillness I overshadow you.  You have heard My voice clearer than ever before.   You can hear now the songs I am singing over you- songs of acceptance affirmation, and deliverance.   It is bonus and promotion time for many.

Prodigals are coming home. Prepare for and expect the return of the prodigals.
What great visitations are in store for you!  Keep Coming to Me!