Feb. 13,2022
8:00 Service
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Believing that I love you is vital to your faith walk. Believe that I love you and that I care for you like no one else can. Believe that I have provided the best for you.  Believe the depth and passion of My love for you.  Yes, I know all about you, and  yes I love you without reservation. Your past does not affect My love for you. I gave you My best, My Son as the greatest demonstration of My love.  I did it just for you.  When you can believe and accept that I love you, it will follow that you will be able to believe My promises and walk them out in faith.    Wrap your mind around that truth.  Practice saying to yourselves over and over that you are loved by Me.  That foundational truth leads you to believe what I have promised you and obtain the promises as you obey My directions.  Armored with that truth you will be able to see the victory in every situation and obtain and sustain the victory.  Regardless of the adversities or obstacles placed before you,  My love empowers and propels you to stand on the rock of My love and weather all storms.   Just believe I love you!  Flow in that Truth!