I See

June 9, 2022
Elder Emma Boone

Judgement is taking place in heaven. I see the hearts of men.  I judge you. Your lips say one thing but your hearts are very deceitful.
I say Love and Forgive each other. I Love you!! I hold no fault against you. The innocent blood that has been shed is not pleasing to Me.
I weep because so many precious little ones have been killed. They matter to me. It is very important that this must stop!!!!

I see My people that you are busy doing nothing. Get busy doing My work for me. That is what matters to Me.

Cry out!  Cry out, my people! I long to hear your voice. Sound the alarm.  Hearken your voices to Me your God.

I am concerned about you and the cares of the world. Make them known unto Me.  Cast them unto Me.

SPEAK, to your mountains. Open your mouths, I say, Speak! Open your mouths!

Don’t continue to go around the same mountain. Don’t murmur and complain about the situation.

My Chosen One has given you instructions as I give them to him. Listen and know that I am speaking through him.
Listen, Speak, and Learn!