I Started This Over For You

11:00 Service
From the Pulpit
April 10, 2022
Prophetess Angela Presley

Why do you worry? Why do you doubt?  I started this over again for you.  Just for you.  You’ve lost your laughter.  You’ve lost your joy.  This is not who I want you to be. Laugh again.  Feel My joy again.  I started this again for you.  Nothing will fail.  Laugh!  Be joyful. Know that I am with you.  I started the world again for you.  You are My sons and daughters and I have hand picked you for this place.  Stay connected.  Your purpose begins here.  Pay attention to what you have learned.  Pay attention to what you hear.  Talk to Me.  Talk to Me.  I am waiting for you to talk to Me.  I have things to tell you.  Talk to Me.  I started this for you again.  Start over again. Get your joy back.  You need to have strength for where I am taking you.  New territories, I will give you.  It is for you. Don’t be afraid.  I am here.  I will never leave.  I know the end from the beginning and if you make mistakes I will make it right.  If you make mistakes, I will make it right.  Because I Am that I AM.