Launching Pad

11:00 am Service-Spoken From the Pulpit
May 15, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

My children, My Sons and Daughters, I receive your worship. Your worship has put you in position to be on a launching pad that I have you set to go. And there’s going to be a thrust of My anointing, a thrust of My Power to launch you into not another level but another dimension. Do not be afraid of the thrust. Do not resist the thrust. There will be shifting and ,there  will be shaking, but I’m doing the shifting and the shaking. As long as you hold on to Me you won’t have to be afraid. And where I’m launching you is to go into the marketplace to go where you are and when you begin to walk the anointing is going to fall on those around you. You’re going to see the miracles, the signs and the wonders that you have been asking Me for because I’m going to use you to bring them to pass. You’re going to see the lame walk. You’re going to see the blind see. You’re going to hear the deaf talk. You’re going to turn things around as I launch you. But stay in this place of worship. That’s where I reveal My secrets. That’s where I tell you what the enemy is planning to do. That’s where I tell you what you need to do strategically next.  Stay in a place of worship.