The entire Word of God has been inspired, written, and preserved just for man. It is God’s message to man. It contains all the doctrines (teachings) of God. Every truth of Scripture is related to man.  Therefore, it is necessary to consider what the Bible says about man.

In the scientific world, this study would be called anthropology.  The word comes from the Greek word anthropos. meaning “man.”  Anthropology is “the science of man’s origin.” The only true source of study about the origin of man is the Bible. Therein we find the source of the creation of man, his fall, and God’s wonderful provision of redemption. 


     A.  Man, the Crowning Work of God in Creation
           1. From whom did man receive his living soul (or spirit)? (Genesis 2:7


           2. The word woman means “man with a womb.” How was woman created?
                (Genesis 2:22

           3. Why was she called woman? (Genesis 2:23) ____________________________
      B.  The Original Image of Man

           1. The word image means “representation; possession of the same moral capacity
                of another; the likeness of another person or being; character and spiritual
                resemblance like another.”

               In whose image were we made? (Genesis 1:27) __________________________
           2. How many times can you find a pronoun relating to the Trinity being involved
                in the creation of man? (Genesis 1:26
       C.  The Threefold Nature of Man 

             1. Man was created with a threefold nature. He was created a trinity.  Therefore,
                 man was made in the image of God. List the threefold nature of man
                 (1 Thessalonians 5:23). 

                 ____________________     ____________________    ____________________ 

            2. From the three parts listed above, list the appropriate part of man’s nature in
                 the descriptions below.

                  a. ____________ The Lord formed this part of man from the dust of the
                      ground. This was the visible external part of man.  This part possesses the
                      five senses –  sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. This is the part of man
                     that is conscious of this world.


                   b. ____________ This part of man is the seat of man’s emotions, memory,
                       affection, intellect, reasoning, and feelings. Man’s will and ability to
                       choose is found in this area.  This part of man is conscious of self. 

c. ____________ This part of man makes him different from all other
                        creatures or animals. It is the part of man that KNOWS. It is the deepest
                        part of man. There lies the ability to have faith, hope, worship, prayer,
                        and reverence.  It is the part that is conscious of God.

3. What is God called the Father of? (Hebrews 12:9) _____________________

4. According to Paul, what part of man knows the things of a man? (1 Cor. 2:11)



  1. Man Could Think. He Had Knowledge.

          What did Adam do in Genesis 2:20 that proves he had intelligence and could think
          before the fall?


  1. The Responsibilities Placed on Man


1. To prove man’s thinking capacity before the fall, list the things God told Adam to
     do (Genesis 1:28).



2. Who named Eve? (Genesis 3:20)  _____________________________________

3. What was the one restriction God placed upon Adam and Eve? (Genesis 2:17)


This test was one of obedience. Man was to be obedient to God. When God gave him the command to subdue (or control) the earth and work it, it was enjoyable, not one of toil. There was no cursed ground until after the fall.

4. What did God command Adam to do in the Garden? (Genesis 2:15)


    The word keep means “to guard or protect.”

      A. The One Requirement of God

           1. God placed one restriction upon man.  He was not to eat of the tree of
               knowledge of good and evil. The first and most natural question is, “Why did
               God allow them to be tempted?”  God made man with free will to choose.
               We are not puppets.

               Through this we can see God’s love for man. God does not force man to love
               Him. Instead, He allows us to choose. With His command to stay away from the
               tree, He explained the consequences if they ate from it.

               What did God say would happen to man if he disobeyed Him? (Genesis 2:17)


               God allowed the testing (even though He knew the outcome in His
               foreknowledge) of man to try him.

               Adam was created innocent, not perfect. Innocence is void of sin because it has
               never faced testing. Righteousness is innocence that has been tested and has
               been victorious in the testing. Adam’s innocence was tried, and he failed the
     B. Sin Entered by One Man – Adam 

          1. How did death come into the world? (Romans 5:12) ______________________
          2. What happens to the rest of the human race by virtue of man’s (Adam’s) sin? 
              (Romans 5:12)

          3. What did Satan cause man and woman to doubt?  He still does this today in
               every area of life (Genesis 3:1).

          4. The result of the fall was immediate.  Did man become more God-conscious or
               self-conscious after he sinned? (Genesis 3:7).

5. Circle two other results/characteristics of man after the fall in Genesis 3:10.

                    JOY                   SHAME        FEAR           WORSHIP            LOVE                        PEACE

          6. What did sin do to the ground (earth), man’s environment? (Genesis 3:17)

          7. What does Genesis 3:19 reveal about how man would make a living? Would it be
               easy or tough?



8. What did sin do to Adam and Eve’s relationship with God? (Genesis 3:8)



           9. The word death means “separation.” Man is separated from God as a result of
                his sin.  Did Adam die physically immediately after disobeying God?
                (Genesis 5:5)

               Man died spiritually because he (his spirit) was separated from the source of life
               (God).  Physical death is just a byproduct of spiritual death.   

         10. Who was the cause of death, God or man? (1 Cor.15:21)  ___________________

         11. Because of man’s fall (sin), what would be his ultimate end? (Genesis 3:19)


         12. Is everybody born into the world with Adam’s nature of spiritual death?
               (Romans 5:12)


13. According to Romans 3:19, is there anyone who can stand before God and not
               be found guilty of sin?


         14. Is there anyone in this world righteous? (Romans 3:10) ___________________

         15. Is the sin nature a part of us at birth? (Psalm 51:5)_______________________

         16. Because we are born sinners, our spirits must be born again and made alive
                to God, reunited to God. How are we made alive? (1 Corinthians 15:22)


          17. When we accept Christ, what do we become in the eyes of God?  (2 Cor. 5:17)


          18. When we believe on Jesus Christ, we pass from spiritual ______________ to
                 _________________ (John 5:24).

Why God Made Man

The first reason God created man was for the purpose of relationship.  God wanted a family of children with whom to share life and to know in a personal way. Throughout Scripture, God’s desire for fellowship and communication with man is revealed. From the time God sought Adam in the garden in the cool of the day, God has been seeking fellowship with man. However, the sin that caused Adam to hide from God has been hindering man’s relationship with God ever since.  It is only through the New Covenant that God’s purpose of relationship with man is fully accomplished. Now God indwells each believer, making fellowship constantly available (John 14: 16-20, 23).