Feb. 13,2022
11:00 Service
Minister Charlene Douglas

Power, power, power!  So the enemy thought he won again by shutting down the natural fire power! For he is in fear of the power within you!
I have ignited you all and there is a burning.  I have given you torches of fire that will light up this area and there will be a catching of that fire that will go out from here that will hit this nation.  You will be trailblazers leaving fire behind and taking fire wherever you go. You will light the way for the souls.  There are those who sit in darkness who will see this light and they will catch the fire and run, run, run with it!
Many souls will run out of depression; they will run out of oppression and possession.  Many souls will find their way once again for you will show them the Way. The backslider in heart will see this burning fire within and they will be drawn back home to the light once again. Addictions and old habits will be burned out and burned away. Keep the burning fire within for I am moving among you in these coming days to enlighten and to light you.  So get ready for the ignite!