The WOOMC Marriage Encounter Ministry is rooted in the belief that future transformation of the world begins at the heart of the family – the couple. This ministry is intended to nurture and support the marriage of a man and woman and their family life by offering an opportunity to experience deep and loving communication with each other and with God. We also encourage personal self-esteem and spirituality, couple and family relationships, and community outreach, all of which affirm the value of marriage in a diverse society.

Based on Judeo-Christian concepts, beliefs, and morality, our Marriage Encounters invite married couples (one male and one female) to discover God’s vision of marriage, family life, and spiritual diversity, thereby leading them to a clearer understanding of their relationship with each other and with God. Through a retreat, couples enjoy dialogue, prayerful, personal reflection and mutual sharing, which leads to an enrichment of the marital relationship and both personal and shared growth of the man and woman. With the family as the fundamental cell of society and the married couple as the heart of the family, the WOOMC Marriage Encounter strengthens families and communities.

For more information, please contact Minister Deshel Valley at (901) 473-3405 or