Jan. 20, 2021
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Do not turn back now! There is no turning back from this journey.  You do not know all of the twists and turns of the journey but trust Me with each step and leg of the journey.  There is much at stake.   Souls are waiting on you my sons and daughters to get in synch with Me and move out full throttle and with full commitment to finish the course.  No more false starts and shrinking back.  Get up and be engaged!  I have set your course for the strategic cross roads and encounters.   Every bump or obstacle is a learning and teaching moment.  Ask Me along the journey what I am asking you to learn.  Souls are waiting for you to speak my Word of love to them and to demonstrate My love as I will use you as My signs and My wonders in the earth. Touch them for Me as My healing flows through you.  Do not be afraid to touch those I point out to you.  You are covered.  Do it quickly.  Do not be afraid to speak what I tell you to speak. Speak My word with boldness and confidence. Get your eyes set on the finish line and let nothing stop you from continuing to press forward.  You will feel my wind beneath you propelling you forward in those times you feel like quitting.  March on as I thrust you through the brushy and thick terrain.  My word is your light that navigates your way  through the brushy obstacles and confusion you will encounter. You will meet others on this journey who will encourage and undergird you and you will likewise encourage them. As you pour out I will fill you up to keep pouring out.  You will find resources waiting for you there at critical stops on the road.    You will leap over obstacles and obstructions that seemed insurmountable in the past.   They will move as you speak My word commanding the obstacles to clear out of the way.  Speak My word quickly and with authority.  The time is now to move out from the sidelines and be the overcomers I called you to be.