Prophetess Vivian Donelson

My gift of Jesus – My best gift ever.  Wrapped in that gift is everything you need.  You name it and it is in My gift.  Your peace is there.  Your salvation, your joy, your provision, and your freedom are there to name just a few.   But you have to unwrap the gift and discover and experience all that is there.  It is not outdated nor does it go out of style.  It is an everlasting gift. It is designed as a one size fit all.  I have shown you how giving involves giving your very best.  I ask you to follow My lead and give of your very best to My kingdom through your service in My house and outside My house.  This will draw others to Me to receive My gift. Hold nothing back and give your best.I have given you wonderful and meaningful things to share and impart in others.  Let My gifts flow freely from you and impact those you encounter.   I will take notice and respond appropriately.