My Healing River

11:00 a.m. Service
Spoken From The Pulpit
Elder Carolyn Jones

My Healing River is flowing in this place. For those who have endured fatal blows and those who have endured great hardship; I come to let you know that it is through My Word that I bring healing. And it is through My voice that I come to tell you that it is all because of Me.The words that I will give you are words of Life. And I will speak them to your spirit and you will begin to open up your mouth and you will say what I say. And you  will begin to see what I see,. You’ll begin to manifest My healing. You’ll  begin to manifest My anointing and My Power will come upon you like never before; and you will see all that I have done for you and all that I have called you to do. And you will walk in your purpose and your destiny that I have called you to.  And you will go out and minister to the masses. And you will go out and My Spirit will go before you and My Angels will go before you to prepare the way for you and they will make every crooked way straight and every rough areas smooth. And you will bring healing to My people; for My anointing will be upon you.