Feb. 19, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

There is a shaking and rumbling that you feel and that you hear.  Don’t be afraid.  It is My doing. There are things that need to be shaken and the rumbling that you hear and sense is letting you know I am getting closer and closer to bringing the full shaking forth.  The shaking is necessary.  But if I am doing the shaking then you know you will be alright. Just stay close to Me.  Just follow Me in what I say and what I do. At times it may get intense. Then there will be times when the shaking will settle down and then pick back up again.  The shaking is coming to bring you out and to bring you to that place I have designated you to be.  When the shaking subsided,  it is your sign and your signal that I have released you and have launched you into this new place.  Yes, you are questioning why I am doing it this way.  Because it is necessary to shake out the old and stale to bring in the new and vibrant.  Trust Me in the shaking and the rumbling.  I am not going to let you down. Cooperate and work with Me.
This is a good shaking. Do not resist it. You are going to look different because you will be new vessels who can carry the new wine and to carry the newness into the arenas out in the world.
You will be on fire! You will be burning ones coming out of this shaking. Nothing will be able to stop you. You will be determined to go into places where the lost are, to speak to them, to encourage them,  and show them the way to Me.  Fearless warriors you will be and you will not be intimidated by the tactics of enemy after this shaking.   I have given you hind’s feet to climb the high places