Welcome to World Overcomers Community where our senior pastor is Apostle Alton R. Williams! We are glad you’re here. Want to get more out of life and looking for a community that loves God, embraces others, and touches destiny? We’re it! This community has removed barriers of isolation, time, and distance to extend the reach of the church.

Our modern-day discipleship community is making a difference by being accessible to support your need to grow spiritually and face life’s challenges with your church family by your side. This community is led by Pastor Keith Lofton, who serves as the “onsite” leader for any needs you may have. The campus leadership team includes Jazmine Echols (Campus Director) and Kristie Sturghill (Campus Manager). They are all here to ensure this community lives up to the vision of our church.

This community thrives off engagement with others and human connection, so we welcome your encouragement, your support, uplifting comments, and prayers.

Here you can evangelize, meet new people, find solutions to problems, share your experience, and help others navigate through tough situations.