Feb. 27,2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

I am calling all troops to report for duty now.  Those on active, reserve and inactive status are being called up.  You are My end time warriors. You have been trained and are being trained to go out boldly and confident in Me.  You are in My army and when you follow My orders and those of my delegated generals you will not lose.  I do not lose battles!  Even when the enemy thinks he has won, he has not. March as My troops armed with My love to bring comfort, encouragement, healing and deliverance to those you encounter.  Your waking in My love will bring many to Me. Take My Kingdom everywhere you go and let those you encounter know and experience that My Kingdom is at hand.  Do not be afraid to engage the enemy and do not cower away from him.  Use your weapons and see the enemy retreat. He is no match against My fully armed soldiers and ambassadors.  Go head on into the fight.  Suit up in the armor I have given you.  You have your orders to witness of My goodness to those you meet.  It is time to be engaged in every place and position I have given you.  Boot Up! Suit Up! Move Out! Forward March!