Jan. 20, 2021
Minister Charlene Douglas

I am calling the older generation to teach the younger generation. Give them the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding they need to live a life of holiness set apart for my use.  For these are dark days upon the earth where they will need my guidance step after step.  They will be the next forerunners; so teach them .
Teach the young women to be keepers at home to fear the Lord and don’t be afraid of his leading.
Men, I call you to be strong. Teach the  young men to be strong and to be lovers of Me and not lovers of the  pleasures of this world.  For the pleasures of this world will lead to many distractions and destructions.   Show them how to build their family and not pull them apart.  Tell them to run after me and not money and I will provide for them everything that they need.
I have not retired you; you have only just begun to work. For these will be the greatest days upon the face of the earth where you will wish for your youthful days again. But I will give you the strength and vigor to carry out every assignment and you will mount up with wings as an eagle.  You will run and not be weary and you will walk and not faint.
The assignment of the enemy in the last season was to take you out but I say Rise up! Rise up! Awaken! Awaken sleeping giants.  I breathe upon the dry bones once again!
Don’t say that it is done nor that it is over! Remember  my servant Caleb and take your mountain!
My souls are crying out and I have need of you…