Spiritual life coaching is the process of mentoring others to maturity in Christ. It is the most important servant leadership element in helping people to accomplish their goals for their faith.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Sons and Daughters of God Growing in the Foundations of Christ is an invaluable resource for those who want to empower others to start and build a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. It helps coaches lead their mentees to salvation, overcome sin and other challenges, learn how to talk to God, grow in their knowledge of the Bible, and more! Answer God’s call to win and spiritually coach your family, friends, loved ones, & others to growth in their relationship with Him and every area of their lives.

We offer spiritual life coaching in three different ways:

  • In person one on one
  • In person in a group
  • Online

For in-person one-on-one or group coaching, CLICK HERE.

For spiritual life coaching online, CLICK HERE.

To access the Spiritual Life Coaching manual, CLICK HERE:

For more information, please contact Elder Trecie Williams at 901-844-3782 or awilliams@woomc.org .