Hello, I’m Apostle Alton R. Williams of World Overcomers Church in Memphis, TN. We are hearing more today about socialism, but most African Americans do not know what socialism is or what it will do. Please watch the video below to find out what is coming to black America.

Socialism is the first step to communism. The ultimate goal of socialism is communism.  African Americans will lose their homes, property, finances, freedoms, and all their rights.

The following videos will reveal why there is so much talk now about socialism. I will teach what it means, how to recognize it, where it will come from, and most of all how it will hurt the African American community.

Socialism is the biggest lie of the 20th and 21st century. If we as a people are worried about being put back in chains, socialism will be the political and economic system that will do just that.


YouTube: A Dire Warning to America from Cuba (1:28)