The Shaking & Shifting Is Here

11:00 Service
April 10, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

Do not fear My shaking and the shifting that is at hand.  It is a good shaking  as it is removing the stagnation and replacing it with passion that is in line with Me.

You sense the stirring and the shaking. You know there is more and you are asking me how do you get to the more which causes the atmospheric shift into the realm of the supernatural. That is where I am.  Heaven comes to earth when you tap into that realm and walk in it in the natural place.  Come closer! Come up higher. Come to Me.  You can expect creative healings and miracles.  You can expect

souls coming in large numbers into My kingdom.  They are already coming and more are on the way.  I am releasing supernatural abilities and strategies to keep the souls in the kingdom and to train them.  They will stay put in this house until it is time for release.  They are coming in droves- all nationalities and all ages. They are hungry and asking how to get to Me.  You are my ambassadors who  will bring them in and train them to be released to bring in others.  No more status quo. My Supernatural is your new normal.  The shift is here.  Do not resist it.  Embrace it!  You will see My Glory manifested in this house and outside this house.  You will see My Glory in your houses, on your jobs, in your families and in your businesses.  My Glory will fill the earth and bring great and lasting transformation.