The Time is Now

June 11, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

It is critical that you not miss My voice and what I am saying Now.  Clean out your spiritual ears to hear Me clearly.   Listen for My voice in My whisper, My still small voice and My roar.  Do not engage in a debate with Me as to the instructions I am giving you and giving to this house.   Time for that is over. Time is of the essence.  Souls are in the balance.  You heard Me calling you to serve in this house and outside this house.  Now, I have called you to be soldiers who serve.   Obedience leads you to the victory. He who serves is the greatest among you. Yet some of you have not moved on what I told you.  You have a role to serve in this house to advance My kingdom in the earth. Some of you have moved in the assignments I have given you but with little passion.  I am not angry with you.  I am here with My fire to ignite in you My passion for the lost and move you from a place of lukewarmness and stagnation to burning ones.  My fire is a consuming fire to burn out anything that hinders you from serving Me with your whole heart.  My fire will not go out if you stir the flames by obeying Me.  Obedience brings the victory.  Put Me first and serve as I have asked you. There is much work to do!  Let’s Do It!!!