Our secular educational institutions have established course curricula on every societal, cultural, and academic subject imaginable. Yet the one thing we spend most of our time doing (living in our homes in relationships with family) is totally overlooked. How can we learn and apply morals and values that will lead to successful family relationships and home life?  

We live in a time of unprecedented breakdown in the family structure. Broken homes are major contributors to drug use, illegal sexual activity, inability to secure gainful employment, jail sentences, and many other social ills.  Many have chosen dysfunctional behaviors that have led to negative patterns that have passed down from one generation to the next.  

The family breakdown is caused by the breaking of marital commitment.  This breakdown is the source of the bad fruit we are now experiencing worldwide in the form of societal problems such as gang violence, drug addiction, sexual issues, rebellious teens, abuse, molestation, gambling, domestic violence, murder, corruption, etc. This fruit has further manifested into epidemic rates of divorce, fatherless children, gender confusion, and much, much more.

Each day these trends snowball and speed down a slippery slope of greater aberrant behavior that will continue to grow until it destroys our nation.

The foundations of the family have been destroyed in America.

The family, like every cultural mountain, has been deeply affected by the culture’s current values. What caused this decline of our own American culture? An unprincipled mindset has been established in the minds of the people; a knowledge contrary to proper moral family values. The lack of knowledge of these principles leads to destruction in all areas of life, especially the family. People are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

Transformation then begins with a renewing of the mind.  A people’s thinking must first be changed in order for there to be life, community, city, and national transformation.

Here lies the vision and intent of the University of Life and Family Restoration. It is designed to offer families and individuals the knowledge and principles necessary to reestablish family values to produce successful, functioning, happy, and peaceful homes.  

A university is an institution of higher learning that provides facilities for teaching and research. It is comprised of various professional schools of study.  There is no higher learning of knowledge thanprinciples from Scripture. Within it is every principle needed for success in life and in our families.

The University of Life and Family Restoration offers 15 schools of higher family learning, including: Family Life Values, Marriage and Family Values, Parenting Division, Men’s Division, Women’s Division, Remarriage and the Blended Family, Proper Sexuality, Breaking Negative Generational Family Patterns Division, Overcoming Domestic Violence Division, Teen Division, Establishing Order in the Home, The Family’sFinances, Preparing the Family for the Workplace, Infant Life Success (Infant Mortality), and Marital Healing and Restoration. This school will also provide counseling ministry, mentoring, small group interaction, prayer and ministry beyond the classroom.

The University of Life and Family Restoration will start at the Hickory Ridge Mall on Monday, April 7, 2014.  Each class is an investment of $25. For more information, please call 901-844-3937 or e-mail overseer Elder Deshel Valley at