11:00 Service
From the Pulpit
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

I want to let you know your worship is sweet to My ear.   It touches My heart.  What I want you to know is what happens when you worship. When you worship Me, I show up and when I show up things happen, things change.   Healing happens! Touch you bodies right now anywhere you were hurting when you came in.  I have released the balm of Gilead over you.  Healings happen! When I come depression leaves- oppression leaves.  Joy comes.  Do not take this time lightly what you are doing.  Continue in it.  Do not stop because when you worship, you confuse the enemy.   He does not know what to do with you when you begin to worship when he has released everything against you and you can still say, “Hallelujah.” They get confused.  But I want you to see what happens.  The angels are slipping in  right now. They are moving on your behalf.  But your worship is what brings them and don’t forget to couple it with your prayers.  Couple it with your prayers.  You are mighty warriors.  Come off the sidelines.  Get in the fight.  The fight is fixed.  I have gone before you.  I have made the crooked places straight. Don’t be fearful. Don’t be fearful.  I did not give it to you.  I created you for this to be movers, to be shakers, to be world changers, to not be afraid, to go literally up into the enemy’s camp and snatch back and take  back everything that he took from you.  Now will you go with Me? Will you stay in this powerful worship and will you stay in prayer?  And I promise you I will be there.