The Bible Worldview Institute

The Bible Worldview Institute provides YouTube video content that promotes Judeo-Christian values through short, lecture-style videos. It is not an academic institution. However, it is expert-driven by those who understand how American society was founded upon biblical values and principles.

Short, average, five-minute videos in an animated lecture style offer simplicity on political, economic, government, and social topics.

It is not an accredited institution and does not offer any type of degree program. Each video provides a brief, follow-up quiz to evaluate retention of the information.

This video curriculum will be used to promote economic and religious freedom. It also promotes religious, Western civilization values based on the original intent of our founding fathers.

It is intended to combat the lies of liberal, left-wing, mainstream media and secular educational institutions. Christianity and conservative values have been demonized by today’s society.

This curriculum will provide commentary on issues that matter most such as: religious freedom, media, immigration, education, the difference between the left and the right, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, illegal immigration, gun rights, slavery, racism, Black Lives Matter, socialism, communism, capitalism, tolerance, Planned Parenthood, abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, climate control, Islam/Muslims, Israel, feminism, liberty, social justice, healthcare, and poverty.

The majority of the videos used herein are provided by Prager U, a nonprofit organization that creates videos on the above topics.

There is no cost. We only share and/or organize these videos according to the most pertinent topics for educational purposes. WOOMC membership is not required.

We will offer certificates based on the number of videos completed. Watch 10 videos of your choice and complete the quizzes for each to receive a Beginners Certificate. Complete 20 videos and quizzes of your choice to receive an Intermediate Certificate. Complete all 31 videos and quizzes to receive a Master Certificate. All certificates will be based on the honor system and your God-fearing integrity.

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