Worship -Stay the Course

8:00 am Service-Spoken From Pulpit
May 15, 2022
Prophetess Vivian Donelson

I want to remind you of what you were doing earlier- Worshipping. You got My attention when you worship Me. And you were worshipping Me with your whole heart. And as a result of that there was an exchange that took place. I came and other things left. Sickness left your body. There are things that you are concerned about regarding your family, regarding your children, I dealt with them in the worship. In the worship I have prepared the way for you to go. But I admonish you, stay the course. Don’t just do it in this house. Do it in your house.  Do it on our job.  Do it in your cars. Worship Me.  Worship Me because see I’m looking for you. I’m looking for the worshipers. So when you worship Me, you can depend on Me to send My Angels, legions of angels to do what needs to be done in your life. I created you to worship. Don’t stop.