You Made It And You Are Apostolic!

June 5,2022
Spoken From Pulpit
Prophetess Angela Presley

You weren’t suppose to make it this far.   The plan was to defeat you.   You are wearied. In the spirit, you are humped over.   Tonight we came to raise you up.  Stand up straight in spirit.   Be strengthened now in the spirit.   Your spirit man has to carry you forth.   I came tonight to tell you to “go forth”.   The Lord had already told me to tell you; He said to “go forth”, because you are My apostolic evangelist, pastor, teacher and prophet.   It’s in this House.   Everything is here.   You are the remnant.   If you made it this far, My spirit is strong in you.   My spirit is in operation in your life.   Know who you are in Me. I brought you this far.   Will you die a mere man when I brought you here to be a god?   Do not be afraid.   The worse is over.   You’ve made it through the fire.   The fire was so increased, you were not suppose to make it.   You survived!   Know who you are in me.   You are Apostolic!    You are chosen.  Now Go— Root out, build up, pluck down,  pull down.    Declare a thing and I shall establish it.