You Shall Hit the Bullseye

April 10, 2022
Minister Charlene

For now I have given you the blueprint and piece by piece things will come together.  For out of this place there should be a great gathering of My people who will come together and connect for the purpose of My kingdom. For they will not all look like you but they will have the pieces to connect and align for the training and equipping of my people.
Your worship today caused a shift in the atmosphere and caused a portal to open up over this place.  For now there shall be manifestations of My glory for many will experience healing of mind,body, and soul. You will be filled with laughter once again.

For yes you have been targeted by the enemy and for some have felt as  if  a target is on your back. But I say on to you, you will target him and no weapon formed against you will  prosper. Where you felt that you had missed the mark in times past, you now shall hit the bullseye 🎯. I will shoot you like arrows into the nations, your cities, and in the marketplace. For there you will cause change and transformation to take place.  So when you feel the pulling and stretching it’s just Me, My children pulling back on the bow to shoot you as an arrow. I am aiming you high for your purpose and destiny so come get ready to come up higher.