The WOOMC vision has been established to help believers love God, embrace others, and touch destiny. New believers are challenged to grow in an exciting, step-by-step process that involves discipleship, serving, fellowship, biblical knowledge, training, and ministry. This process is designed for believers to find their purpose and destiny in life.


Phase One – Discipleship (Matthew 28:19 NIV)

When new converts join church, they are immediately assigned to a trained believer/member in one-on-one discipleship. The trained believer meets with the new convert to impart the eight (8) foundational lessons in our One-on-One Discipleship pamphlet. Lessons cover basic foundational teachings of the Christian faith: salvation, the Lordship of Christ, sin, prayer, the Word of God, Holy Spirit, the enemy, church life, and witnessing. New believers receive immediate connection with another believer and with the church. Believers learn how to do life together as they experience life transformation.

Phase Two – Serving (Destiny Teams) (John 12:26)

The first obligation of every believer after being born again is to seek to serve God. God honors those who serve Him (John 12:26).

Members are free to serve God according to their personality, gifts and passions. The Bible states that before we reach our destiny in life, we are required to serve the Lord through someone over us in authority (Luke 16:12). We believe that the Great Commission is not fulfilled until believers are actively serving God’s house in some capacity. Personal growth in our walk with God is enhanced and developed through serving. We find connection with the vision of the house, other believers, and our destiny as we put our hands to something. This is accomplished through our Destiny Teams.

New believers receive a personality analysis to assist us in helping them discover possible areas of service.

Phase Three – Advanced Discipleship (2 Timothy 2:2)

New converts/believers must now become rooted and grounded in God’s Word. This phase will offer pastoral care and counsel. New believers can deal with their issues, problems, hurts, pains and addictions. They find interaction with groups or one-on-one with other individual believers.                   New converts are given choices of assignments to one of five fellowship ministries: men, women, singles, married couples, or young adults. They learn how to overcome in life. Once this is completed, believers are asked to become disciplers by discipling at least one new believer. 

New believers who complete this process are encouraged to witness and disciple those who are in their circle of influence such as family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Every person who disciples others must train them to disciple others.

Phase Four – Ministry Preparation

Believers who complete and mature through the Basic Foundations Division now qualify to pursue ministry opportunities.

  1. Encounter Weekend- This one weekend (Friday-Saturday) is designed to help you experience an encounter with God and remove barriers of the past, any hurt and pains that will hinder you from finding your destiny. During the Encounter Weekend, believers leave behind family, work, and worries to focus solely on the teaching.  Encounter participants feel completely free and uninhibited to release pain, hurts, strongholds or anything else in their lives that interferes with their relationship with God. Believers leave the Encounter liberated from generational curses, emotional scars, and bondage to vices.
  2. Biblical Knowledge – All individuals who want to be in ministry or who sense a call upon their lives must have a foundation of Bible knowledge to sustain that call. A variety of subjects and topics are offered in the form of classes in our Destiny Institute. Perfecting Class and at least one other class of the person’s choice are needed for ministry preparation.
  3. Equipping and Training – Believers must learn how to minister to others through personal ministry and at least one class on the area of ministry they want to pursue.
  4. Spiritual Gifts Evaluation – All individuals seeking ministry preparation should complete a spiritual gifts evaluation inventory. It offers a personalized profile of your God-given spiritual gifts that will offer direction for ministry preparation. Those who discover and exercise their God-given gifts will experience maximum fulfillment for their lives and ministries. 

Phase Five – Ministry Participation

Team Ministry – Believers are given an opportunity to participate in ministry in one of several ministry teams such as: healing, intercessory prayer, prophecy, deliverance, teaching, evangelism, counseling, Holy Spirit, administration, youth, and children. Believers gain an opportunity to exercise their gifts on these teams.

Phase Six – Ministry Release

Once believers have successfully and faithfully completed team ministry, then they are released into the fivefold ministry participation. These ministers, as the Levites of the Old Testament, will take care of the ministry to the House of God (altar, personal ministry, prayer room, pew pastors, etc.).

Opportunities for ministry outside the church are also available such as house church, workplace Bible study, apartment complex ministry, prison ministry, ministry at church plants, etc.