Feb. 20, 2022
8:00 Service
Minister Charlene Douglas

My people, don’t you know that your response to me has caused a stirring in the spirit realm. I tell you this day do not fear anything that you see before you. The enemy fears you for the sound of warfare that is in this house. Because when you praise me warfare takes place in the spirit realm. It causes the enemy to flee. So when you have the heartaches, the soul aches, and any aches, worship me and praise me! For I come right then and there for I am your defender!
For I am walking through the earth these days can you hear the sound?
Can you hear the new sound that is about to hit the earth? Can you hear the music? Can you hear it? Begin to listen, begin to listen for me. Listen to the angels; begin to join in with the praise and worship and as they praise and as you worship and praise they will go forth and do battle on your behalf.
I am breaking off of you and old mindset. I’m dealing with your minds today.  I’m dealing with your minds. I’m dealing with that part that wants to think of the past and hold on to the past. So I say to you today.  Let  it go! Let it go! Let it go!